Sacha Everard’s Testimonial

Sacha Everard’s time at the Future Pro Academy is coming to a near end. With the three years Sacha has been with us, it has seen him develop on and off the pitch. He gives us his testimonial on the time he has spent at the Future Pro Academy.

“For the last 3 years I’ve been apart of the Future Pro Academy, throughout the 3 years I’ve been there I’ve improved as a player and a person thanks to the help of the team and the players at Future Pro. I’d recommend any young player that wants to further their footballing career to FP, as there are numerous opportunities at the club. Some of these consist of playing against top-level academies, as well as a pathway to the Racing Club first team, which I was able to make a debut at the end of the recent season. There are still opportunities to go to university here in England or America, as the education team help to make sure there is the next step in your career.”

Everyone at the Future Pro Academy would like to wish Sacha all the best with his journey into America with his football scholarship.

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